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Saturday, November 22, 2014
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Armed Forces

2014-10-05Jessie Tingle
Tatums' grandson - praying about reenlisting

2014-03-07Glenda Curle's grandson
Glenda Curle, who has been visiting with us, has a grandson serving in Afghanistan

2013-06-05Matthew Lamarand
Betty Johnson's grandson - deployed to Afghanistan

2012-09-16Evan Campbell
Evan Campbell is the son of Calvin and Sylvia Green's good friends, Ginny and Rick Campbell.  Evan is deployed in Iraq and he and his family need to be in our prayers.
2012-09-16J Bailey
Working in Afghanistan and is currently in a very dangerous area.


2014-11-04family of Martha Huddleston
Martha went home to be with the Lord after a long, hard-fought battle with cancer.  This family is so precious to Temple Baptist Church.  Martha is a fixture to our church and will be greatly missed by the entire Temple family.  The Huddleston family needs our love and prayers at this extremely difficult time. We rejoice in knowing that we will reunite with Martha one day but grieve with the family over this tremendous loss.
2014-06-13Family of William Beaty
We lost our faithful brother, William Beaty, on May 22nd.  He was a beloved member of Temple Baptist for many, many years and was a cherished member of the Temple Baptist Quartet.  He will be greatly missed but we rejoice in the assurance of his faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior and celebrate the promise that we will see him again.
Please keep Diane and the family in your prayers at this time.  Following is the link to his obituary: obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx


2014-07-18Temple Baptist Church
Please keep our church in your prayers as we continue through the "Church Starting and Strengthening Process", a strategy of the Mid-South Baptist Association.  Pray for Buddy, Tommy and Calvin as they lead us in this process, attending meetings and bringing information back to the larger Vision team.

2013-01-12Temple Baptist Church
  • Spiritual and numerical growth
  • A stronger outreach to our community
  • Continued prayer for Vision Committee to seek and find God's vision for our church within our community
  • Prayer Drive-Thru
  • Prayer for Staff and Deacons - Bro. Buddy, Bro. Steve, Tommy Bailey, Cooper Tatum, David Whiteside and Bill Wilkerson

Hospitalized/Nursing Home

2012-12-14Sylvia Cardwell
Dove Health and Rehab, Collierville, Room 106


2013-02-28Praying for our nation

Pray for:

  • Revival in America according to 2 Chronicles 7:14.
  • President Obama and all our national and local leaders.
  • Our military leaders and armed forced in Iraq and Afghanistan .
  • The war against terror

On-going Requests

2014-11-06Informers - November
Please see current Informer for complete Prayer List:
November 12:
November 19:
November 26:
2014-11-06Informers - October 2014
2014-11-06Brown family/friends
Peggy - recovering from knee surgery

2014-11-04Bailey family/friends
Benny - Tommy's sister - severe depression, in hospital for diverticulitis

J Bailey - nephew - working in Afghanistan

Sally Ketchum - Barbara's cousin - back surgery

Cheryl Clinton - Barbara's cousin - ovarian cancer, finished taking chemo - husband is disabled and she cares for him

Chris - Barbara's friend in book club - just diagnosed with cancer

Barbara - friend of Bennie's - health issues

Rusty Ketchum - Barbara's cousin's son, recent heart attack

Joe Fulton - the Bailey's daughter's father-in-law - colon cancer, recent surgery

Bob Weiner - Barbara's brother-in-law and former Temple member, total knee replacement surgery

Tommy's nephew's wife - cervical cancer

Janet Hubbard - Tommy's cousin - breast cancer

Nancy and John Kelly - friends of Barbara's, she has problems from a fall and he has dementia

Barbara - had surgery recently for torn retina, was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration

Husband of Barbara's friend Kay - diagnosed with Alzheimer's, responding well to medication

Linda Jowers - friend of Barbara's - diagnosed with breast cancer, begins treatments soon

Ralph Miller - friend of Baileys - in Denver hospital being tested and receiving treatment, serious health issues

Tommy & Barbara - making a move for Benny, will be a stressful undertaking and they need our prayers at this time

2014-11-04Huddleston family/friends
Huddleston family - Martha went home to be with the Lord after a long, hard-fought battle with cancer.  This family is so precious to Temple Baptist Church.  Martha is a fixture to our church and will be greatly missed by the entire Temple family.  The Huddleston family needs our love and prayers at this extremely difficult time. We rejoice in knowing that we will reunite with Martha one day but grieve with the family over this tremendous loss.

David - moved to a new home with a new roommate, seems to be adjusting nicely

Please pray for the girls as they prepare to sell their parents' house and for the decisions to be made surrounding the move 

Lisa - arthritis in back, in a great deal of pain

2014-10-19LaPradd family/friends
Jean - very sick spell and headaches

2014-10-19Swaffer family/friends
Dorothy Warren - visits with Lori - has two broken ribs, is in hospital in AR

2014-10-14W. Thomas family/friends
Wayne - ruptured eardrum
2014-10-05Informers - September 2014
Please see current Informer for complete prayer list:
September 24:  not available
2014-10-05Dunlap/Haney family/friends
prayer for Marcia's family's walk with the Lord and spiritual leadership for Art

brother and sister-in-law - salvation

family is dealing with issues

Marcia - has returned home after back surgeries in FL

2014-10-05Wilkerson family/friends
Dorothy - Margaret's mother - surgery to repair compressed disc, is doing well. 

William Ballard - Emily's father (Wilkersons' daughter-in-law), quadruple bypass surgery.

2014-10-05Maddox family/friends
Steve - got great report on his PET scan - PRAISE THE LORD!

Vicki - shoulder injury

Steve - health concerns, recent swallowing test

2014-09-24Warren family/friends
Jennifer and Tray - Bro. Steve and Carolyn's son and daughter-in-law, at the birth of their daughter, Hadley Kate
Steven and Amber - another of Bro. Steve and Carolyn's sons and daughters-in-law, at the birth of their daughter, Mabry.  She was born with two holes in her heart and drs are monitoring her situation

 Steve's dad - in ICU in VA Hospital, Jackson, MS

2014-09-24Green family/friends
Evan Campbell - family friend - deployed to Iraq

William - Calvin's brother - Alzheimer's disease is progressing, please pray for him and his wife, Jean

Calvin - recovering from cataract surgery

family of Harold Smith - Sylvia's Uncle who recently passed away

2014-09-16Informers - August 2014
Please see current Informer for complete prayer list:
2014-09-16Informers - May 2014
Please see Informer for current Prayer List:
May 28, 2014: (Secretary out of town, no Informer this week) 
2014-09-16Informers - April 2014
Please see Informer for current Prayer List:
(No Informer on Easter week)
2014-09-16Informers - March 2014
Please see Informer for comprehensive list of prayer needs:
2014-09-16Informers - June 2014
Please see current Informer for complete prayer list:
2014-09-16Woods family/friends
Dell - blood pressure problems, discharged from hospital, taking blood thinner to dissolve clots in her lungs and legs, fell recently and injured her elbow and back.

Doris McDaniel - friend of Buddy and Dell - lung and bone cancer

Bob Stinson - friend of Buddy and Dell - recovering from prostate cancer surgery

Marsha Gravatt - Pastor's wife, friend of Buddy's and Dell's - in Jackson, TN hospital with respiratory problems, not expected to live

Linda McCall - recovering from pneumonia 

Buddy - health issues

2014-09-16Smith family/friends
David - recovering nicely from surgery to insert stent (had bypass in 2005)

2014-09-16Herges family/friends
Judy - problems with lightheadedness and dizziness

2014-08-22Kent family/friends
Wade Hodges - another nephew of Don's - has pancreatic cancer
2014-08-22Stump family/friends
Renee - William's daughter - spiritual and lifestyle issues

William - William's grandson - in trouble with the law

Miss Agnes - suffering with much pain and swelling

Kathy - recovering from knee replacement surgery - surgery went well, but in considerable pain, please pray for a quick recovery.

2014-08-22Morgan family/friends
Tracy Morgan - brother of James Morgan - has abdominal aneurysm

David - son, to have additional surgery after previous knee replacement 

Janice Joiner - Betty's sister, fears that cancer has returned

Family of Gerald Sneed - grandchildren's other grandfather, recently passed away after battling cancer

Danny Landrip - Morgan's niece's husband, health issues

Jerry Joiner - brother-in-law, under care of Urologist

daughter-in-law's family - at the loss of her mother

PRAISE - for the birth of their 6th great-grandchild

James - pain in eyes from shots he receives every 6 weeks for eye condition, not feeling well

2014-08-22Howell/Cohen family/friends
Please pray for Kathy and Allison as they will be moving to east TN with Mat and Blair.  They have been in much prayer over this decision and we hate to see them go, but let's continue to lift them up as they make this transition and tell them how much we love them.

Kathy - diagnosed with glaucoma

2014-08-13Informers - July 2014
Please see current Informer for complete prayer list:
2014-08-13Fowler family/friends
Tim -  Home from rehab!  Praise the Lord!  Still very weak, continue to pray for his complete recovery. 
2014-08-13Weatherall family/friends
Jenny - undergoing tests after suffering a concussion

2014-07-18Tatum family/friends
Jessie Tingle - grandson - in Marine Corp.

Ken Sartain - pancreatic cancer, prognosis is not good

Cooper - we rejoice to see Cooper at church again!  He looks fantastic and, although he is still recovering and regaining strength, we praise God for his treatment and his return to health!

2014-07-18Martin family/friends
Shelia and family - many family concerns that require major decisions

Donna York - friend, has cancer, started chemo

2014-07-18Hellums family/friends
Curtis Helms - friend of Jim's - heart attack, is in ICU

Jim Roberts - friend of Jim's - cancer has returned

Bill Roberts - friend of Jim's - diverticulitis

Jim - prostatitis

Elena - seeking God's will concerning missions

2014-07-18Gregory family/friends
Evelyn - may have to have surgery on her shoulder

2014-06-13Patterson family/friends
Please keep Phillip, Linda and the family in your prayers at the homegoing of his mother, Katherine.  She enjoyed good health until recently and Phillip and Linda were very devoted to her care and comfort.  Please keep them in your prayers at this difficult time. 

2014-06-13Beaty family/friends
Diane has developed Glaucoma in her left eye
Please pray for the family of William Beaty at his homegoing.  He was a beloved member of the Temple family and will be greatly missed in our fellowship.  Please see link to obituary under "Bereavement" requests above.

2014-06-13Woodbury family/friends
Sybil has reached the stage where she feels like she unable to attend church regularly.  Please keep her in your prayers and your correspondence as this is a difficult decision for her and she is a special part of our church family.

Sybil has recently undergone surgery to insert a pacemaker in hopes of improving her issues with headaches and blood pressure - has finished rehab now and has returned home

2014-06-13Greer family/friends
Vicki and Lisa

Vickie - problems with diverticulitis

Brandi Burton - niece who has cervical cancer

Holly and Dan - John and Vicki's daughter and son-in-law at the birth of a baby girl

2014-06-13McNatt family/friends
Miss Ida's neighbor - daughter and son-in-law deployed to Afghanistan

Ida's nephew, Carl Lee White - stage 4 cancer

Shirley Woodruff - Ida's neighbor - fell at home and has been hospitalized

2014-06-13Visitor - Allen Addington
Amy Bouche' - daughter of Temple visitor, Allen Addington - prayer for healing.

2014-05-09Visitors - Janet and Jerry Joyner
Requesting prayer - both have cancer - Jerry has stage 3 lung cancer and Janet's markers are high

2014-05-09Visitors - Daphne and Gilbert Battle
Requesting prayer for Daphne's mother, Gladys Owens, who has Alzheimer's

2014-05-01Johnson/Crass family/friends
John and Jared Lockett, Betty's grandson - unspoken

Matthew Lamarand - Betty's grandson - deployed to Afghanistan

the Johnson and Crass families - unspecified prayer needs

Jeff Crass, Laura Crass and Rick Johnson - unspoken

Susan Crow - unspoken

Lisa Ponce de Leon - unspoken

Bible study at Silver Creek Senior Living Community

Betty - we were so happy to see Betty at church again after recovering from a fall and lengthy rehab!  Pray for her continued recovery and increased strength.  Also pray for her as she will be moving at the end of the month and hopes to find a new church that she will love as much as Temple.

2014-05-01Eva Brewer
Eva is a former Temple member, currently living in Columbia, TN - she is recovering from a recent heart attack and stroke.

2014-04-27Reese family/friends
The Temple family celebrates the life but grieves the death of our brother, Ralph Reese.  Ralph and Gwen have been faithful, active and beloved members of Temple for many years and we will miss Ralph's service in so many areas.  We rejoice in his faith and assurance that Jesus was taking him home to be with Him for eternity and we will remember the family in days to come as they mourn the loss of such a special man.

Gwen - seeking employment

Jason - seeking employment

Audrey and Bobbi - Gwen's sisters - seeking employment

Beth Graves - work friend of Gwen - heart problems and loss of job

Charlotte Guinn and family - former Temple member, at death of her sister, Wanda

2014-04-27McCollum family/friends
family of Kyle Kinzer - Becky's 15-year-old cousin who committed suicide.  Please remember Becky and the family at this difficult time.

2014-03-20Hergis family
Steve & Judy Hergis and daughter, Brittany, regular visitors of Temple - Judy's son and Brittany's brother, Matthew, was killed by his father (Judy's ex-husband). The pain this family is experiencing is unimaginable.  They need our prayers and our love during this time of intense grief and pain.  

2014-03-20Seeking Employment
Gwen Reese

Audrey and Bobbi - Gwen's sisters
Jason Reese - Gwen's son

Scott Tatum - to lose job when Victory University closes in a few months

2014-03-07Informer - February 26, 2014
Please see this week's Informer for a current list of prayer requests:
2014-03-07Informer - February 19, 2014
Please see this week's Informer for a current list of prayer requests:
2014-03-07Informer - February 5, 2014
Please see this week's Informer for a current list of prayer requests:
2014-03-07Derryberry family/friends
2014-03-07Hollis family/friends
Jane - having spinal problems

2014-03-07Visitors - Hurt family
Regular visitors, Bobby and Lynda Hurt, recently lost their son.  Please keep them in your prayers at this very difficult time

2014-02-07Edward and Jacqueline Smith
Temple visitors - have been hit with some unfortunate life situations.  Really going through a difficult time, please remember this family in your prayers.

2014-01-29Informer - January 29, 2014
See attached Prayer List from this week's Informer.
2014-01-29Laura Spradlin
Laura is the daughter of Mid-America Seminary President, Michael Spradlin.  She was involved in a car accident and was severely injured - of special concern is head trauma

2014-01-28Informer - January 22, 2014
See attached Prayer List from this week's Informer.
link: clientimages/28520/informer/informer 012214.jpg
2014-01-28Jason Griffis
Jason Griffis - son of Gary Griffis, Associate Pastor of New Church Memphis.  Jason was on his way to Scotland for vacation, admitted to London hospital and diagnosed with encephalitis and meningitis, two deadly diseases.  Gary has now gotten the needed documents and was able to join his son in London.

2014-01-28Visitor - Glenda Curle
grandson is in Afghanistan

2014-01-28Informer - January 15, 2014
See attached Prayer List from this week's Informer.
link: clientimages/28520/informer/informer 011514.jpg
2014-01-28Informer - January 8, 2014
See attached Prayer List from this week's Informer.
link: clientimages/28520/informer/infomer 010814.jpg
2014-01-28Wallis family/friends
Lisa Berger - Barbara's friend - diagnosed with West Nile

Ellen Tedford - Barbara's friend - breast cancer survivor, now spot found on her lung

Betty - Barbara's mom, recovering from her fall

2013-12-19Bob Casey - former member
Bob Casey - former member - may need heart bypass surgery

2013-12-06Visitor - Katey Roya
Martin and Jennifer Medina - Jennifer works with Katey, who has been visiting with us lately.  Martin and Jennifer were robbed and he was shot.  He is in the Med and lost part of his lung and has damage to his spinal cord.  Please keep this family in your prayers.

2013-11-25Stevens family/friends
Sherry Fisk - Kay's sister - recovering from colon surgery - PRAISE!  No cancer! 

2013-10-17Becky Thompson family/friends
Becky was hospitalized a few weeks ago with a diverticulitis attack.  She is home now and doing better

2013-10-17Mary Nell Thompson family/friends
Mary Nell's husband, Frank, had surgery on his neck and is recovering at home

2013-10-17Jennifer Wilson
Please remember Jennifer Wilson and her family in your prayers.  She contacted us through our Prayer Request email address and is struggling with financial issues.

2013-09-13Duplentis family/friends
Sally Webert - Ann's daughter, who has MS and has just moved to Olive Branch from NM - praying for health and strength

2013-09-10Walker Wade
Walker Wade is the infant grandson of Lawanda Wade, friend who has been visiting with our Supply Pastor, Dr. Paul Brown.  Walker will be undergoing a kidney transplant soon and has other medical problems that will require attention.  Please remember Walker, his grandmother and his parents in your prayers at this difficult time.
2013-07-22Whiteside family/friends
David Jenkins - friend of David's suffered injuries after he was thrown from a horse and the prognosis is not good.

Tommy - surgery

2013-07-09Padgett family/friends
Terry - recovering from stent procedure

2013-07-09Dotson/Maxey family/friends
Rachel and Nick - Barbara's granddaughter and husband, recently gave birth to daughter, Olivia Lee

Temple Baptist Church grieves the loss of Jess Dotson, beloved husband of Pam Dotson and son-in-law of Barbara Maxey.  Jess battled liver problems for a very long time, even undergoing a liver transplant.  His new liver began to fail and procedures to help were limited.  Jess was admitted to the hospital Friday, May 24th and passed away Wednesday, May 29th.  Please keep Pam, Barbara and the family in your prayers during this difficult time of grief.

Barbara - has to wear a heart monitor for 3 weeks as drs seek the source of her dizziness and weakness

Alicia came by the church seeking prayer for her grandchild, born premature and only 1 lb 7 oz.  Also seeks prayer for herself as she is dealing with many personal issues

2013-05-23Blatt family/friends
Please remember Ed and Judith in your prayers as he is in New Zealand and Judith will be transitioning there soon.

Bob Blatt - Ed's father, had a cancerous node removed, starting treatment soon.  This is also difficult for Ed being far away from home at this time.

Kasten, a little 3 year old boy, son of Judith's friend, has recurring problems with blood sugar and eating issues, please pray for him and his family

2013-02-05Lee family/friends
Robert Lee, who has been visiting with us for a while, has a granddaughter, Angel, who was diagnosed with Lupus.

nephew - by-pass surgery

Jamie's brother is in poor health, has been released from hospital in AR and she is caring for him

2013-01-12Brewer family/friends
Ida Brewer fell and broke her foot (the other one!). She is recovering and can not drive, please keep her in your prayers.

2012-10-19Brea family/friends
Jean Brea has been experiencing some memory problems

2012-09-17Betty Rakowski
Betty Rakowski, who has been visiting with us on Sunday nights, has a family member and a neighbor who have recently been diagnosed with cancer.
2012-09-16Dillingham family/friends
Bernise - multiple health issues



2014-09-24Karen Pittman
Karen Pittman, a Temple visitor, recently celebrated one year of sobriety!  She says her journey was triggered by worship at Temple and Dell's Sunday School class.  She is now living in Lebanan, TN but covets our continued prayers.

2014-08-22Nettie Raines
Nettie Raines - a friend to several people in our church, cancer in remission!!!  Praise the Lord!!!

2014-07-18Praise! Scott Tatum
Praise!  Scott found a new job!

2014-05-09Visitor - Karen Pittman
PRAISE!  Karen, who is a visitor to Temple, would like to express praises to God for her life!  Praise the Lord!!!

2014-05-01PRAISE! Jim's cousin accepted Christ!
Jim Hellums' 76-year-old cousin, Betty Hair, from Sandy Springs, OK recently accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior!  Praise the Lord!!!

2014-03-07Nan Tatum
Shelly's father-in-law was undergoing treatments at MB Anderson for severe headaches.  The pain level is down and he is now home!

2014-01-29Janet Stephens, our Church Secretary
Bob Ward - Janet's dad who lives in Georgia, was mis-diagnosed with a muscle hernia and will not require surgery after all!  He is home and recovering and we are thankful for his healing!

2013-11-25PRAISE - Baby James
Baby James' hole in his heart has almost completely closed up and surgery is no longer anticipated!
2013-11-25PRAISE! Kay's sister
Sherry Fisk, Kay's sister, is recovering nicely from surgery on her colon and her tests show no cancer!  PRAISE THE LORD!
2013-11-25PRAISE! William Stump's tests
William's recent tests show no cancer!
2013-03-07PRAISE! Cooper Tatum
After a long recovery, Cooper has returned to church!  Keep him in your prayers for continued health!
2013-03-07PRAISE! Sylvia Green's sister, Donna
Donna - Sylvia Green's sister - test results came back good, NO CANCER!!!

2013-03-07PRAISE! Tim Fowler's brother
Mark - Tim Fowler's brother who had recent eye surgery, is doing well, pray for continued recovery

Shelia Martin has a praise for Christian co-workers!
2012-11-15William Stump - no cancer!!!
William got a good report from the doctor this week - still cancer-free!!!
2012-10-19Jason Reese has job!
Jason has a job!

2012-10-04Scott Walker

2012-10-04Martha Huddleston - PET scan
PET scan results came back clear - no cancer!!!

2012-08-17Karen Hellums
Good test results!  Praise the Lord!!!
2012-08-17Russell's biopsy results!
Russell's biopsy results came back - good news, no cancer!  Praise the Lord!!!
2012-07-29Jim Hellums
Jim Hellums received a good report from his Cardiologist!

2012-07-29Baby Tess Swift!
We praise God for the safe delivery of a Baby Tess Swift and we rejoice in her birth with Andrea and Rick.
2012-07-29Calvin - good report from Oncologist!
Calvin received good news from his Oncologist - no signs of cancer!  Praise the Lord!!!
2012-07-20Cooper's biopsy report!
No cancer!!!  Praise the Lord!!!
2012-07-04Martha Huddleston
Cancer free!!!
2012-04-24Mary Nell Thompson
Mary Nell does not have to return to Houston for a check up for a year!!!