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Busy for Christ

Pastor Sam Stallings

2 Thess. 3:6-18

 INTRO: Some wrong responses to imminent return of Christ & stopped working & became idle busybodies. vs. 10.  6 WAYS to STAY BUSY For CHRIST.

I. STAY AWAY FOR THE IDLE, vs. 6. Proverbs has a lot to say about those who are intentionally idle, sluggards: 6:9; 10:26; 19:24; 21:25; 26:14. We’re to pull back for our protection & their restoration, Rom. 16:17.

II. FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF HARD WORKERS, vss. 7-9. “to work to the point of pain.” Col. 3:23.

III. WORK IS THE RESPONSIBLE THING TO DO, vss.10-12. Refers to those who will not work. Prov. 26:17; Eph. 4:28.

IV. DO THE RIGHT THING EVEN WHEN OTHERS DON’T, vs. 13. Don’t lose your focus, Gal. 6:9.

V. DON’T HANG OUT WITH SLACKERS, vs. 14.  PLAN: Take “special note” of those who are disobeying. PROCESS: be careful to not endorse or enable self-destructive behavior. PURPOSE: The goal of church discipline must always be restoration. Jer. 6:15.

VI. BE LOVING TOWARD OTHER SINNERS, vs. 15. “tough-love” kind of way. Final words are very comforting, vs. 16. Begins & ends with focus on peace. Jesus is the Lord of peace. He is the only one who can bring peace, John 14:27.

INVITATION: It’s only through the sacrificial death of the Savior that you & I can have peace with Him, Rom. 5:1. You cannot have the peace of God until you know the God of peace. Do you know Him?

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